Alan Jacobs
Roy Chesnut
Executive Vice President

Richard Kosoff
Programs Vice President

Charles Mond
Membership Vice President

Don Schuster
Publicity Vice President
Bob Epstein
Religion Vice President
Jeff Shapiro
Joel Goldman
Recording Secretary
Rick Shillander
Corresponding Secretary
Mike Sholklapper
Immediate Past President
& Parliamentarian
David Bruskin
Ken Krainman
Yosi Nissim

Directors Emeritus:
Jack Dinsfriend צ״ל
Norm Frank צ״ל
Don Gold

Temple Aliyah Men’s Club is a vital part of congregational life.

We hold various social, religious, family and community-oriented events throughout the year, as well as a regular meeting the first Tuesday of each month. We have programs designed to reach members of all ages. All men are encouraged to attend the meetings.

Men’s Club sponsors and coordinates a variety of activities, including the Annual Purim Carnival, educational and informative guest speakers, poker night, bowling night, a Men’s night out, and our ever popular, annual Scotch tasting. The Men’s Club also sponsors a softball team in the Synagogue Softball League.

Men’s Club coordinates the efforts of the volunteer Ushers for the High Holidays, and barbecues for the community at the end of summer Welcome Back Bash. We sponsor the World Wide Wrap on Super Bowl Sunday, help teach our religious school students to wrap tefillin, and lead services at the annual Men’s Club Shabbat.

Men’s Club provides a yellow candle to Temple families to be lit in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. We award Youth Scholarships for summer camp programs, and we will continue to host informative and fun programs for our members and for the congregation.

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Revised June 2018